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Elite global talent for
non-technical roles at 68% savings to US alternatives

  • Top .2% talent (aptitude test screened)

  • Perfect spoken & written English

  • US or equivalent education

  • The absolute best - not low quality BPO level talent

Why use Assist

Finding great global talent is really hard. It takes sifting through hundreds if not thousands of resumes and applications to find the hire that fits your team. We built Assist to do exactly this and find you the right talent to enable you to scale your company faster and cheaper.

Top .2% Talent

  • 1 in 500 applicants

  • 99th percentile in aptitude testing

  • Perfect English proficiency

  • Entry-level roles start at only $2,000/mo

  • 68% savings to US alternatives

  • Culture fit for your team

68% Cost Savings

  • 14 days to hire

  • Sourcing, interviewing, vetting done for you

  • Unlimited roles simultanousely 

Quick Turnaround


We screen candidates based on aptitude tests ensuring you only work with the 99th percentile quality of candidates in that role. We also ensure your hires are perfectly fluent in English and are the right culture fits for your team. We deliver all this within 14 days of our kick-off call.

"Calculating our sales team's commissions took hours every month and delegating that has been one of the many things my EA takes care for me." 

Tracy, CA

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